Pinellas Greens at St. Pete City Hall Rally for Uhuru Slate

Rose Roby speaking on behalf of the Pinellas County Green Party in front of St. Pete City Hall at today’s press conference for Jesse Nevel for Mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida and Eritha Akile Cainion for Councilwoman for District 6. WE ARE WINNING!

rose speaks reparations

Rose Roby speaks out on Reparations.

“So today, I today say that the Pinellas County Green Party, we are leading the way not just in Florida, but in this entire United States, to say the Green Party is the party of unity through reparations, we are the party behind reparations, we are going to pay our debt! That’s why the Green Party is prepared to knock on every door, to call on every registered voter in St. Petersburg. And we are going to put Jesse Nevel and Akilé Cainion into City Hall and give City Hall back to the people. We are going to win!”

— Jeff Roby
June 6, 2017

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