We Need Your Help

You, our readers, have kept St. Petersburg Independents in operation through a couple of crises in the past year-and-a-half.  But the reality is that we face some kind of mini-crisis every month.  There are always a few things “out-of-budget”:

  • 1971-Hold-aloft-the-green-lanternDeferred medical expenses (Ear Nose & Throat, swollen right calf  ultrasound) can no longer be deferred, and the co-pays have gone way up.

Our sole income is a single Social Security check, and that leaves us too close to the edge.

What we provide:

  • A view of the progressive movement from the inside.  As activist foot-soldiers of the Sanders movement who have gone Green, we cover events from the base, not merely filtered through either the mainstream media or the left celebrities they have declared to be our leaders.
  • We analyze events from the perspective of what it takes to build a movement that breaks out of the simplistic “Trump yay” or “Trump-nay” paradigm the left is now caught up in, to one that can effectively fight the bipartisan drive to austerity and war.
  • We  do not join with the CIA, Hillary Clinton, Lindsey Graham or any others in the bipartisan anti-Russia campaign that could take us to the brink of war and beyond.
  • We are actually independent.

To become more stable, we really need a small base of regular contributors, kicking in something every month, taking us beyond this moment to being able to make stable plans looking ahead.