Shining Tower

— a play by Jeff Roby

Table of Contents


Scene 01. Henry and Malcolm
Scene 02. Amanda, seems to be choking back a sob
Scene 03. She has small, firm breasts
Scene 04. His face in shadows, absently fondling a pistol
Scene 05. Malcolm and Henry continue their conversation
Scene 06. Amanda and Jake continue
Scene 07. Two Black women in an underground ruin
Scene 08. Jake and Amanda continue 2
Scene 09. Henry and Malcolm 3
Scene 10. Jake and Amanda continue 3
Scene 11. Lucille and Althea 2
Scene 12. Amanda sitting in shadows
Scene 13. Door is kicked open loudly
Scene 14. A blood-spattered Amanda
Scene 15. Lucille sits in the dark
Scene 16. Henry and Winston

Cast (in order of appearance)

Malcolm a young Black gunner
Henry an older Black gunner
Amanda a psychic
Nancy Amanda’s friend at the psychic hotline
Carl a psychic hotline supervisor (always offstage)
O’Leary a mass murderer
Jake Minister of Environmental Protection
Lane has gun barrel tits, an assassin
Althea a young Black revolutionary
Lucille leader of the godalmighty Supreme Revolutionary Headquarters
Winston another young Black gunner