As the vultures circle …

for californiaPeople are so concerned about the well-being of Bernie Sanders, you know, those working class heroes such as the Wall Street Journal, passed on by Huffington Post:  “Bernie Sanders Campaign Is Split Over Whether to Fight on Past Tuesday.”

vulturesFirst they quote a Democratic stalwart:

“Orin Kramer, a New York hedge-fund manager who has raised campaign funds for both President Barack Obama and Mrs. Clinton … I would hope people would understand what a Trump presidency would mean and act accordingly—and ‘accordingly’ means quickly.”

They quote Sanders strategist Tad Devine:

“What will happen hopefully when the voting is done, our two campaigns will begin to talk once more to one another and figure out where the common ground is.”

They counterpose Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver:

“Sen. Sanders is the best chance that Democrats have to beat Trump,” Mr. Weaver said. “The trajectory is the same regardless of the outcome in California.”

There you have it, there’s the big split.

A little thin, you say.  Right.  So the Journal does a little piling on with a gaggle of Hillary endorsers:

former Senator Tom Daschle, a Clinton endorser
Senator Harry Reid, a Clinton endorser

They wrap up with William Daley, a former Obama White House chief of staff:

“[T]he “damage” Mr. Sanders could do is “overwhelming if he doesn’t give [Mrs. Clinton] the breather she needs in the run-up to the convention to take on Trump.”

nobodySo apart from getting out the word for this round of primaries, we need to be letting Bernie know very directly that we have his back.  I don’t need to repeat the litany of principled issues that separate our campaign from the DNC machine.  Just take a minute to let the campaign know that we’re in it for the long haul.  Call them.  e-mail them.  Facebook them.  Let Bernie know that this is why we fight today!  This is why we fight through the Philadelphia Convention!  This is why we fight through November!  This is why we fight until we win!

or bust Jeff Roby

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Thank you. Great article. I will be an ex-Democrat after my local primaries. The chicanery, voter suppression, vote rigging, media blackouts of Bernie’s campaign and other disgusting events that have occurred within the party will, I’m sure, create a mass exodus from the DCCC when this is over.


Fight, Fight, Fight, On And We Will Be Undefeated Bernie Sanders Supporters!!! #BeBernieSandersStrong2016

thomas wezwick

Right On…..Jeff………..Will do!!